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Although Bandits’ Grill & Bar was founded in California in 1989 by head Bandit, Ron Parker, we have a long history in Utah. Utah locals and long time friends of Ron, Shane and Jenifer Barber opened Bandits’ on Main St in Park City in 2003. And now Cottonwood Heights, UT in 2015.

Why Utah?

Well, Jen’s parents bought a home in Utah in the 80’s. It was their escape from populous Los Angeles. When I met Jen and began vacationing with her family, I fell in love with the land. So, we convinced Ron to teach us everything he knew and we packed our stagecoach, I mean our car! Some say it was that we could both ski and surf, but the truth is that our hearts and souls felt at home in Utah … so thank you Utahns!

The First Bandits’

Was more of a true smokehouse, a BBQ joint if you will. And although we’ve held true to the founding menu, we are proud to offer so much “more than just barbecue”. I invite you to explore the menu because there truly is something for everyone, whether it be a tasty burger, a healthy salad or a fresh piece of fish. Don’t worry, we’ve got the little ones covered too! We offer some of our most popular items in portions for their smaller appetites.

Speaking of Food, We Take It Very Seriously!

We strive to source and provide the most incredibly fresh and highest quality ingredients. We purchase from local farmers and ranchers whenever possible and make everything in house. We buy only premium ribs and all of our beef is USDA Choice, our fish is hand packed on ice, never frozen and our fresh poultry is hormone and free range.

So, I Humbly Invite You to Join Our Table and To Truly Feel at Home.

This restaurant is for you, the local, who so graciously welcomed us into your beautiful state.